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Here at Carbon, we understand our services are a luxury investment & we want to equip you to have gorgeous healthy results daily. We believe you will get the most out of your new style by following our recommended at-home care regimens. Please feel free to ask your stylist or one of our front desk staff about the best product recommendations for your regimen as well, it's our pleasure to help you.

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- Brush periodically to avoid tangling, start at the bottom and work up to the root to avoid excess tension
- Always use a heat protectant when using hot tools 
- Never sleep with wet extensions
- Use sulfate-free shampoo
- Use a hair oil on your extensions
- Schedule maintenance every 6-8 weeks



Vivid Color

- Wait at least 72 hours before washing your new color 
- Wash in water that is as cold as you can stand 
- Use a color-safe sulfate-free shampoo
- Consider adding a color deposit conditioner to your regimen like Evo Fabuloso Pro
- Use dry shampoo to extend the time between washes
- Always use a heat protectant when using hot tools


Lash Extensions

- Do not get your extensions wet for at least 48 hours
- Refrain from using any Oil based products
- Don't use eyelash curlers
- Avoid mascara 
- Clean and brush your lash extensions daily
- Make sure to brush out and dry your lashes after getting them wet
- Do not pick or pull at your lashes 

Lash Lift, Brow Lamination or Tint

- Do not get the area wet for 48 hours
- Avoid steamy showers for 48 hours 
- Refrain from sweaty workouts for 48 hours
- Do not use waterproof products such as mascara or brow gel
- Avoid the use of oil-based products around the eyes and brows
- No eye or brow makeup for the first 48 hours  

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