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Express Services

These services are available with our level 1 - 3 stylists


The Mini Money


Feeling like you need a pop of brightness around the face? Whether you are a brunette or blonde this is a simple, customizable, service to refresh your hair without having to do a complete reset. Think, minimal but impactful!

The Low Maintenance Melt


Are you feeling like your highlights are not blending quite like they used to? A shadow root will blend and blur the line of demarcation where your highlight line meets your natural grow out. A toner is used to enhance the tone of your hair. Darkening or softening the color of lighter strands all while adding a stunning shine! This will help your hair look fresh in between blonding appointments.

The Basics


Are dry scalp and dry hair a daily struggle for you? Schedule a Treatment & Scrub Express Service! This duo is completely customizable to fit exactly what your hair needs!

Rooted & Refreshed


Are you constantly on the go an your greys are last thing on your mind..until they're the only thing you can focus on when you look in the mirror. Schedule an end of the day Base Retouch - consider this appointment the perfect last stop for your busy day. This one hour service will refresh your roots and leave you with freshly washed hair for you to style once you get home!

Triple Threat

Toner, Trim & Treatment aka the TRIPLE THREAT. This is the ultimate reset for your strands without getting bleach involved.


So Fresh & So Clean

Lets face it..who *really* wants to wash and blow dry their hair at home? We know its a chore so let our stylists do the hard work for you! All you have to do is schedule the appointment and enjoy an uninterrupted 45 minutes of bliss.


All prices are subject to length, density, and condition of hair.

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